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Effect of Friction on Moving Objects

This post will be similar to the introductory post on friction, but will focus specifically on friction as it relates to moving objects. We know that friction is an opposing force. When an object is at rest, the force applied to begin movement must be stronger than the opposing frictional force. Once this condition has…...

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Compound Words

Words can be joined together in a variety of ways to form many different words. When these words come together and for a new word, with a new meaning, this word is referred to as a compound word. Watch the video below to learn more!…

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Multiplying Unit Fractions and Whole Numbers

Example Completing problems like the one above is pretty straightforward as long as both numbers can be expressed as factors. Read more →...

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GSAT Went Smoothly

The Ministry of Education has reported that day two of the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) went relatively smooth across the 1112 examination centres islandwide. “There was a minor delay to the start of the exam at Discovery Bay Primary to ensure the delivery of additional test papers” the ministry said in a release. Additionally,…


CSEC RANKINGS 2014 The all-island ranking shows the comparative performance of secondary schools across the entire island. Ranking Name of school Percentage (%) of grade 11 cohort attaining Five (5) subjects English and/or Mathematics. 1 Immaculate Conception High 100% 2 Campion College 99.5% 3 St. Hilda’s Diocesan High 98.84% 4 Hampton high 97.7% 5…