Grade 6 Math exercise book (Very Good For GSAT Students)

Skills X: Grade 6 Math exercise book

Math grade 6 workbook

This workbook is made for grade 5 , 6 or even grade 7 students and can be used as supplemental practice material or remedial math learning material. It is completely free and can be downloaded and used in the classroom or at home. The answers are included.

This workbook covers:
- 20 pages of math worksheets with remedial exercises with answers
- Factors of numbers up to 325
- Multiplication of fractions by decimals
- Division of fractions by decimals
- Exponents and square roots
- Prime factorization
- Integers (operations with 3 integers)
- Order of operations
- Division of 5 digit numbers by 3 digits

This exercise material is excellent practice material for students
of any math ability level. It can be used as remedial learning
and teaching material or as material for those who need to be
challenged more.

Download it’s Free