GSAT will require critical thinking, says Thwaites

GSAT students after the exam - File.
GSAT students after the exam – File.

Students sitting this year’s Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) will be required to do more critical thinking and analysis as the education ministry seeks to review the placement examination.

Education Minister Ronald Thwaites says there has been a practice of students memorising specific subject materials just to pass the exam.

He says over the years there have been complaints about how students are tested in GSAT.

Thwaites says the education ministry has started to transform the exam, so that students are developed into critical thinkers.

He stresses that this will better prepare them for secondary education and beyond.

Some 43,384 students are scheduled to sit GSAT on Thursday, March 21 and Friday, March 22.

The students will be tested on areas of the primary school curriculum, including mathematics, social studies, language arts, science and communication task.