Tag: Rocks Minerals & Soil Grade 4

Rocks and Minerals Worksheet–December 9, 2013

Complete the questions below. 1. What are the three major types of rocks? a. solid,liquid, gas b. igneous, sedimentary, limestone c. sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic d. lava, magma, mantle   2. Liquid rock above ground is called? a. mercury b. magma c. granite d. lava   3. Which of the following are layers of soil? a.…...

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Minerals – Worksheet

Minerals By Patti Hutchison 1     Minerals. They are all around us. We eat them, wear them, and build with them. What is a mineral? How are they identified? What can we do with them? 2     Earth’s crust is made of about three thousand minerals. Only about thirty of them are common to us. A mineral is a…...

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